Navtej Bal, Chief Executive Officer

Navtej Bal is the CEO and Managing Director of Ironwood Institute. He is dynamic and focused individual who believes in” Impossible is nothing”. Apart from his post graduation from RMIT University, Melbourne and eight years of extensive experience in management of international colleges, Navtej brings on board his personal success story as an international student who arrived in Australia 13 years ago.

Navtej believes in seizing opportunities from the challenges and embrace positivity and innovation.

He is passionate about helping student to become employment ready in a rapidly changing world and students look upon him to be great guide, helpful and trustworthy through all times of their study journey with Ironwood.


Camilo Esparza, Director of Academics and Head of Agribusiness
Camilo holds a Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business from the University of Adelaide, and a Bachelor of Animal Husbandry from the National University of Colombia (South America) where he is originally from. Camilo has participated in research across 6 countries in the Pacific and in Indonesia, focusing in livelihood benefits of smallholder farmers. Some of his areas of expertise include understanding market and consumer drivers and implementing value chain analysis across industry sectors. His new role as a trainer at Ironwood will allow him to prepare students for a fast growing agribusiness sector. Camilo aims to deliver high quality training in a dynamic way, bringing key elements from innovation and systems theory.


Dr Kavitha, Head of Horticulture
Dr Kavitha is an expert in working with breeding plants for salinity tolerances. She has over 10 years of experience in teaching students in both in India and Australia. At Ironwood Dr Kavitha managers all the horticulture programs ensuring students receive a high level of academic focus and practical experience.


Victoria Pearce, Head of Marketing
Victoria can answer the various questions asked by students and agents about what courses Ironwood offers, which one may meet your needs and how you can become a student with the College. After more than a decade of working in the international education sector she has a good knowledge of the various needs of students, their families, student visas and admission level required. Victoria is also the first port of call for agents, looking after marketing material, training and compliance needs of agents.


Dr Manpreet Gill, International Scholarship Advisor
Dr. Manpreet Gill is working as an International Collaborations & Partnerships Advisor to develop and execute transnational collaborations and partnerships with likeminded educational institutions including schools, colleges and Universities. Manpreet Gill has been awarded doctorate degree (PH.D) in Arts & Culture Faculty and accredited equivalent to PH.D in Australia. He has more than 25 year’s practical professional experience in the field of media management in the film and television industry including position of Ex HOD of Department of Journalism & Film Production, Lovely Professional University, India. Dr Gill’s primary focus has been transforming education into profession and capacity to undertake challenge to provide transparent consultancy.


Soon Teik Oon, Diploma of Leadership and Management Educator
Soon Teik has 17 years of education/training experiences in institutions in Australia, Malaysia and China including the University of Nottingham, the University of Adelaide and Kaplan Business School. His experiences include working with both public and international universities in China, lecturing and developing course structure and syllabus for their International Business course module. Apart from teaching, he was involved in coordinating work, formulating lesson plans and methods of delivery to non-English speaking students, providing students with academic advice and support to prepare them for their continuing studies and cultural change in Australia.

In addition to that, Soon has over 15 years’ experience in the corporate sector. He has held position such as Principal Consultant, engaging in international consulting and development in the Asian region, particularly Australia, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. His work includes working in high level cross cultural understanding of small/medium sized businesses. SoonTeik was also Branch Manager with a Fortune 500 company, before venturing into consultancy.


Jennifer Bourne
Jennifer is the first point of contact for our students. She looks after the everyday support requirements of Ironwood’s students from Letters of Offers and Confirmation of Enrolments through to student payments and identifications cards. Jennifer has a thorough understanding of the requirements of international students and can ensure that the best information is provided to our students.


Dr Vinay Patel, Horticulture and Agribusiness Educator
Dr Patel delivers horticulture and agribusiness courses at Ironwood Institute. With a Doctorate in Botany and Masters in Agribusiness he has over five years’ experience in the horticulture industry.  Working with hydroponic he is an expert in growing plants starting from seed growing, grafting, staff management, chemical spray, crop work, irrigation, climate control, packaging and dispatch. Vinay teaches our students the latest skills which the industry seeks. He also has run research and development programs for major producers.


Victor Cahu, Diploma of Social Media Marketing Educator
Victor’s expertise is in marketing and advertising with over 5 years practical experience.  He has an Australian Master’s in Business Administration (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing from Portugal. With a good knowledge of the emerging digital market he imparts his enthusiasm and knowledge to students with diverse backgrounds.  Originally from Brazil, he has a creative aptitude with a talent for communication.


Komal Sodhi, Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication Educator
Komal has over 15 years of international education and training experience, specialising in business, leadership, management, marketing and accounting.  She also has industry experience as an accountant.  With Masters in both Education and Commerce/Management, Komal is our Advanced Diploma educator in both the Marketing and Management streams.