Ironwood Institute, your pathway to Higher Education

If your dream is to gain an Australian University degree, then studying at Ironwood is one of the most affordable and accessible pathways to achieve your dream. With official arrangements between Ironwood and some of the prestigious universities, our Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas provide clear pathways to Bachelor and Master’s degrees at selected South Australian Universities.

You will be better prepared for the higher education environment

Heading into an Australian university straight out of school or college from overseas can be challenging. However, if you pursue a pathway with Ironwood, you will benefit from a smoother transition into the higher education environment due to smaller class sizes, friendly environment and strong academic support provided by Ironwood throughout your studies. Therefore, taking the pathway with Ironwood builds the foundations for a successful shift to higher education.

Pathways don’t necessarily mean taking the ‘long’ way

Ironwood pathways will allow you to complete your bachelor and or master’s degree in the same time frame as you would do by directly studying the entire program with the University. We encourage you to check with higher education institutions to get information about pathway arrangements.

Hear from our Students

Study Agribusiness in Adelaide

Study Adelaide has started a launch page on studying Agribusiness in South Australia, highlighting Ironwood Institute and the University of Adelaide.

The page covers

*   Adelaide as the premium food and wine capital of Australia
*   Where you can study agribusiness in Adelaide
*   Why Adelaide is a great place to study agribusiness
*   Agribusiness companies in Adelaide
*   Careers in agribusiness
*   Agribusiness student case studies

So to learn more about why studying agribusiness in Adelaide is a great career choice go to