Under the ESOS Act, Ironwood Institute must offer our students, support services to help them adjust to study and life in Australia, achieve their learning goals and maintain satisfactory progress in their learning. This support is available because we recognise that Australia may be a new environment for students, with different laws, culture and customs.

Ironwood offers Orientation program to its newly enrolled students to help them to familiarise with the Ironwood’s expectations, rules and facilities, and introduce the social and cultural norms which overseas students need to be aware of while in Australia. Orientation is provided to each student at no additional charge to the student.

The orientation program covers the following areas

  • Student identification, USI, Metrocards
  • Student portal
  • Useful Apps for International Students
  • Fairwork ombudsman
  • Get Help Work Desk
  • Student Accommodation
  • Beach safety
  • Student code of conduct
  • Legal information services
  • Library services
  • emergency and health services
  • resources
  • complaints and appeals
  • Overseas student visa conditions
  • Course progress and intervention
  • Assessment requirements
  • Course deferral, suspension cancel or withdrawn
  • Student support services
  • Language, Literacy, Numeracy (LLN)
  • Study Adelaide

Ironwood Institute will provide ongoing access to a range of services as below, either by providing the service in-house, giving relevant information or provide referrals as appropriate to overseas students who request assistance in relation to the services and programs. While Ironwood does not charge any fee for providing the service or for referrals, the service provider may charge for the services. Therefore, it is important for you to know if the service provided by third party is paid or free of charge.

Services may include:

  • English and academic support services;
  • tutoring support;
  • study skills centres;
  • counselling and mental health support;
  • career services;
  • housing and tenancy services;
  • financial support services; and
  • health and disability services.

If you require more information or have a specific enquiry, please send an email to studentsupport@ict.edu.au.

For detailed information please refer to Policies and Procedures page.

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