Orientation Sessions
As many students find life in Australia quite different from life in their home country, orientation activities have been designed to help students become familiar with Australian culture and customs and to introduce students to the College and its services. All students are provided with an orientation program. This program details many aspects of living and studying in Adelaide and introduces students to life in Australia.

Careers and employment support
The Ironwood team is available to help students develop career management skills. We also maintain a register of employment opportunities for students covering:

  • Graduate recruitment and employment opportunities
  • Part-time or casual employment opportunities
  • Vacation, internship and volunteering opportunities
  • Work placement

Student Accommodation
A range of accommodation options are available to international students in Adelaide. The College can provide advice to students when looking at different accommodation options including college guest houses, renting an independent apartment or house, international residences and homestays.

Cost of Living
There are several websites which can assist in the calculations on the cost of living in Adelaide. A recommended website is insiderguides.com.au/cost-of-living-calculator

Student Welfare
The College is available to help students when they need to access academic or other help which can include:

  • Academic counselling
  • Welfare counselling
  • Grievances procedures
  • Work placement
  • Further study options

Staff can assist students with advice and information about their course, their attendance, their results and student activities. On top of these academic related enquiries, the team can also assist you with more personal matters such as where to go to for medical, dental or legal advice.

Pathways to University
Studying at Ironwood is one of the easiest and successful pathway towards a university degree in Australia. With official agreements between Ironwood and reputed universities, our diplomas and advanced diplomas provide assured pathway to Bachelors degree with the credit given for the study completed with Ironwood.