business-management-page-iconIronwood’s business and leadership management courses give you the contemporary corporate skills and the confidence to achieve and provide a cutting-edge snapshot of the current business world.

You achieve a high level of specialist learning which will prepare you to undertake a professional career in the corporate or business marketplace. The courses provide the skill-set required by the modern company; you’ll learn correct terminology in current use, as well as the fundamentals of ethical business.

You gain proficiencies in managing business continuity plans, projects and risk management. The courses also contains subjects which are included to give you confidence in your abilities with running meetings, and managing and designing professional-looking business documents.

The courses aim to develop knowledge of management skills by utilising solid practices and logical approach methods when defining and achieving objectives. It engenders a holistic approach to the role of the management discipline within industry, business and society, and promotes the ability to identify factors that impact most on management success.