The course will be delivered in 52 weeks (one year).

Full time study for 40 weeks and a break period of 12 weeks between 4 study terms. Each study term is approx. 10 weeks long.

The scheduled contact study per week are 20 hours.

The classes are scheduled per study week for two full days ( 09 am to 05 pm ) and third half day ( either 09 am to 01 pm or 01 pm to 5 pm). There are also additional 15 hours of self-study scheduled per study week for students.

Intake Dates – 2021
11 Jan, 15 Feb, 5 Apr, 10 May, 28 Jun, 2 Aug, 20 Sep, 25 Oct

Intake Dates – 2022
10 Jan, 14 Feb, 4 Apr, 9 May, 27 Jun, 1 Aug, 19 Sep, 24 Oct

AQF Level

Entry Requirements
Applicants must be 18 years or older at the time of course commencement.

Candidates must enter the qualification through one of the following entry points which demonstrate their potential to undertake study at graduate level:

  • an Advanced Diploma or Diploma qualification relevant to an agrifood industry
  • relevant extensive vocational experience in middle management in an agrifood industry at a skill level commensurate with the AQF level VI attributes and criteria
  • higher education qualification (e.g. Bachelor Degree), with relevant vocational experience in an agrifood industry

Overseas applicants are required to demonstrate English language proficiency of IELTS 6.0 equivalent. For complete details please refer to entry requirements. 


The detailed fee and refunds information is available at

Qualification Description
This qualification provides a general vocational outcome in agribusiness. It reflects the role of individuals who apply substantial specialised knowledge and skills to the senior managerial and leadership role in an organisation or business area. In these roles they are required to generate and evaluate complex ideas, and to initiate, design and execute the major planning, research, design, operational, compliance and management functions within highly varied or specialised agribusiness contexts. Typically, they would have full responsibility and accountability for the personal output and work of others.

No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Course Type:
Training package qualification

Course Structure
Total Units = 8

Core units = 0 Elective units = 8

  1. AMPMGT801  Manage financial performance (Elective)
  2. MSS407014 Prepare for and implement change (Elective)
  3. AMPMGT804  Develop and enhance collaborative partnerships and relationships (Elective)
  4. BSBINS603    Initiate and lead applied research (Elective)
  5. AMPMGT809  Analyse data for business decision making (Elective)
  6. AMPMGT802  Provide strategic leadership (Elective)
  7. BSBINN801     Lead innovative thinking and practice (Elective)
  8. BSBLDR801     Lead personal and strategic transformation (Elective)

For further details about each unit of competency please refer to AMP80215 Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness

Mode of Delivery
Face to face training.

Location of Delivery
Ironwood Institute is located at Level 3, 68 Grenfell Street, Adelaide 5000. The campus is in the heart of Adelaide City Centre, which offers an excellent blend of history, culture, modern lifestyle and congenial learning environment. The site is well connected by public transport (bus, tram and train).

Assessment Methods
Assessment methods include but are not limited to: Role plays; observation/demonstration of practical skills; Case studies; Written reports; Presentations; Written/oral tests.

On successful completion of this course you will be awarded with AMP80215 Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness. Students who successfully complete only one or more units of competency within this Qualification will receive a Statement of Attainment. (By enrolling in this course, Ironwood Institute does not guarantee a learner will successfully complete and receive the qualification).

Qualification Pathways
This qualification offers pathways to Master’s Degree at Australian Universities. This qualification is accepted as one full year of advanced standing of a two-years Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business at University of Adelaide, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Torrens University. Students can also explore other postgraduate-level degree such as a, Master of International Business, Master of Project Management, etc. (Ironwood Institute does not guarantee automatic pathway to a university degree and advise students to seek confirmation with the university). Please refer to  Ironwood University Pathways for further details

Employment Opportunities
Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors.  For those with appropriate work experience, knowledge and skills gained from this Graduate Diploma can help the candidate to take on the following management positions which includes but not limited to:

  • General manager/Chief executive officer
  • Senior manager
  • Export/marketing manager
  • Research and development manager
  • Processing systems plant manager
  • Compliance and systems manager

(Ironwood Institute does not guarantee an employment outcome, licence, or accreditation at the completion of this qualification).

Work-based Training
Not applicable

Work Placement
Not applicable

Material and Equipment Required
Not required

Commencement Dates
There will be monthly intake for on-shore students and a quarterly intake for overseas students. Please contact for confirmed dates.

Support Services

Obligations and Rights of Learners

Institute Policies and Procedures

Consumer Protection
The ESOS legislation provides consumer protection to the enrolled students at Ironwood Institute. The written agreement, and the right to make complaints and seek appeals of decisions and action under various processes, does not affect the rights of the student to take action under the Australian Consumer Law if the Australian Consumer Law applies.    

Overseas Students Health Cover
It is a condition of student visas that international students and accompanying dependents must hold valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of their study in Australia. The OSHC rate will vary depending on the personal circumstances and duration of stay in Australia. OSHC is a private health care arrangement, equivalent to Australia’s Medicare system, which helps cover the costs of medical treatments in and out of hospital, should you get sick or have an accident.

Ironwood Institute recommends OSHC provider Australian Health Management (AHM). However, this recommendation does not restrict you from obtaining OSHC from a provider of your choice. A list of approved providers can be found on the Department of Health and Aging website