Agribusiness Management is the latest and a very valuable area of study as it covers a superior range of skills and knowledge which can be adapted to areas of multiple industries encompassing the food, wine, forestry and fibre business and all activities involved in the production, processing, distribution and marketing of these industries.

The increasing attention, over recent years, on the security and safety of the world’s future food supply has placed food firmly on national and international agendas. Premium quality food and wine have long been hallmarks of South Australia. For more details refer to PIRSA and  Food and Agribusiness sector of South Australia

Many regions across the state have a suitable climate for growing specific crops. The Adelaide Hills region is suited to growing apples, pears, cherries and strawberries. The Riverland is renowned for its citrus, stonefruit and almonds.

The Adelaide Plains, around Virginia, is the state’s primary greenhouse area, producing tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers.

Ironwood offers the following courses:

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The following videos showcase the agribusiness sector of Australia and South Australia. The videos are the property of Australian and South Australian Government agencies such as Austrade and PIRSA.